The Flood Control System with the shortest assembly time ever

TURBOswiss Flood Control Systems fight floods by means of water-filled barriers that can be set up at just any place in a minimum of time and with a minimum of efforts. One barrier consists of two parallel tubes made from special, heavy-duty tarpaulin, featuring a barrage height of 94 cm. As standard, the tubes are 25 meters long. A unique, patented coupling system / lock element allows for setting up barriers of any given length and facilitates changing directions into all 3 dimensions at any given point, without the need of deploying any specific components. TURBOswiss barriers can be set up in any kind of terrain and on any kind of surface without any fastening or support. TURBOswiss Flood Control Systems stand out by extremely short assembly times, most easy handling, smart details, and premium quality. They were designed by a team, which contributed its longstanding experience, profound product know-how, and unique expertise inorder to achieve various improvements:

• quick and simple assembly (no time-consuming blow-up operations extremely short assembly times)
• most simple handling (assembly/disassembly without any efforts thanks to TURBOswiss Caddy)
• improved watertightness of joints
• in- and outlets freely accessible at any time
• minor staff requirements – only 2 people needed for assembly
• easily storable even in confined spaces
• field use without any fastening
• requires no elbow elements and doesn’t comprise any loose parts
• allows for leaving passages that are closed shortly before the flood

TURBOswiss means the consequent advancement and improvement of existing systems – faster to assemble and easier to handle!